What is Mayca?

It's a great alternative to chocolate spreads

It's certified GLUTEN FREE, has absolutely NO PALM OIL, no NUTS, no CHOCOLATE and no COWS DAIRY.
It's made with goat's milk, having the health benefits of its protein.
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Plus It's vegetarian and free from HYDROGENATED OILS and FATS.
Having 50% sugar content of most jams and marmalades.
Unique Incredible Flavour
Winner of three great awards
"Tastier than caramel"

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Appli cation

Mayca is a lovely spread to have on toast, crumpets, crépes, pancakes, crunchy sourdough bread or crispy baguette.

Great with porridge as it will bring the creaminess from the goats milk into it as well as flavour and sweetness.

Fantastic for topping up ice cream or drizzle on puddings like apple crumble, brownies or cheescakes.

Smashing with bananas and nuts, pecans or walnuts, or with green apple and nuts.

If you like to bake you will have the perfect ally to bring exciting new flavours to pastries and cakes and exploit your creativity with new puddings awaiting to be invented.

Elabora tion

Our Little Story

Mayca is based on a Mexican recipe which has been handed down through several generations of the family which first created it.

It's an exquisite and unique spread made with goat's milk, vanilla from Papantla, Veracruz (the region where the orchid was first found native when the Spanish conquistadors explored the new world int the XVI century), raw cane sugar and other mexican spices.

The production process is an artisan one that preserves the unique character and taste of Mayca and it's made in small batches in handmade copper "cazuelas" from Santa María del Cobre, where the different ingredients are gradually folded into each other acheiving this balanced blend of flavours, Although it has a chocolate colour and appearance it has no chocolate and the taste is remarkably different to anything sweet your likely to have tasted. So if yourself or your children have intolerance with chocolate or nuts you needn't worry as Mayca has none of these ingredients.

The other great thing about Mayca besides the flavour is that because of the goat's milk ingredient the calories content per portion is quite below chocolates and other types of sweets:

-2 tablespoons of Mayca,
which equates to a generous portion of 40 grams = 140 calories
whereas a chocolate bar of 100 grams normally has over 200 calories.